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In the mystical realms of the Odin Protocol, a whimsical tale unfolds with DOKI, a tiny dragon with a heart full of wonder. Hailing from a legacy shrouded in mystery, DOKI is the sole survivor of his kind, the last dragon in a world of forgotten lore. His sole window to the vast expanse of the cosmos is through X - his mystical connection to the world, manifested through the ethereal platform of Twitter.

DOKI's journey is not just about jest and joy, but also a quest for identity and belonging, as he seeks to unravel the secrets of his ancient lineage and find his place in the universe. A symbol of innocence and curiosity, DOKI embodies the spirit of adventure and the eternal search for knowledge, resonating with the bold and courageous spirit of the Norse Vikings.

DOKI's tale is more than just a meme; it's a beacon of light in the cosmic odyssey, encouraging us to explore, connect, and rediscover the lost magic in our own lives.

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Total Supply999 Million DOKI
Doki Detaisl Rune

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