About DOKI

Get ready for DOKI, the sole surviving dragon from the epic Ragnarok, with a tale unlike any other. Blessed with a mysterious fire from the giant Sutr, he turned this magical flame into coins, sharing bits of wonder with everyone.

But there's more to DOKI than meets the eye. Through X, his mystical link, DOKI connects with us all, sharing his adventures and discoveries, making his story a part of ours.

The saga of DOKI is about to unfold, weaving his survival, his magical journey, and his bond through X into a captivating narrative. Keep an eye out for the adventures of this extraordinary dragon; it's a story you'll want to be a part of!

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Token Details

  • LP Burned
  • Ownership Revoked

Check the Dokinomics

Total Supply180 Million DOKI
Doki Detaisl Rune

How to Buy?


Download Phantom Extension

Download and install Phantom from the App Store. Alternatively, if you are using a desktop, download and install the browser extension.


Secure Your SOL

Now, all you need to do is purchase your SOL in the PHANTOM APP. Alternatively, you can use an exchange and deposit it using your wallet address.


Buy Some $DOKI

Now, navigate to Raydium and paste the $DOKI Contract Address to swap your SOL.


Check Balance

Now you are all set! Welcome! You are one of those lucky ones who hold dokis fire! You can check the balance on the dashboard. Many exciting things to unfold.

DOKI Story


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